Many years ago, in 2009, I had one of my first shootings with a young Austrian Girl, Bernadette. She was already then a very experienced model working together with a not-so experienced photographer, which lead to – for the time – acceptable pictures, some of those still are my favourites.

Bernie in low key

Although we had some linguistical complications (Styrian and Swiss dialects are basically both German dialects, but differ completely), we had so much fun during the shooting that it sometimes was difficult to not burst out into laughter.

First low key shots in a very soft light

Bernie moved on to become quite a star: About a year after our shooting, she was Playmate of the month September in Germany, and was guest of some talk shows and a bachelor candidate.

Magic Moments (a caption suggestion by a good friend of mine)

Anyway, I learned quite a lot during the shooting, including the fact that humour should always be present.

One cannot have enough BW effects – well, I was young and had the filters ready. 😉