Low key or high key? For artistic nudes, I love low key, as it allows to play with light and shadows, carving out the shapes of the body.

Allena has a natural beauty that demands to stay away from Photoshop.

But sometimes there is a model that needs to be shot in high key, as too dark tomes would be too much for the fragile body. Allen is such a case where high key just works.

Almost no dark tones is good enough for Allena.

Just a bit of darkness is enough in this case to shape her body. Allena shows us something else that is quite important to me: Her natural beauty demands that one stays away from (too much) makeup and from Photoshop.

Natural Beauty

I think it is much more interesting to see her how she is than to look at the result of some AI-powered Instagram algorithm that just creates Barbie dolls.

No Photoshop included.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of the (female) body as naturally as possible. In high key, and in low key, too.