Once again in the Southwest – well, almost, because this time in October 2019, I limited myself to California while trying to find the typical American road trip motives.

Roads how they only can be found in America

The “road bug” bit me again, and I was driving more than I wanted to and resting less than I needed to, but this is how I spend my precious time in the US.

I’ve seen all the touristic places (while not minding to return to them) and made all the touristic pictures (not minding to make them again), but I wanted to focus on something else: I wanted to find out what exactly it was that fascinates me so much that it brings me back to this place of the world over and over again.

Let’s find out in the next blog post (spoiler alert: It’s already written in the title of this post.)

(Panasonic Lumix FZ-2000)