Literally minutes before the pandemic, I started a new travel Blog featuring tipps & tricks for first-time travellers to the US, especially the Southwest. Spanning topics from how to drive in the us, over how to find a cool accommodation to top secret cool places to visit, I thought this was a cool thing.

An old VW bus climbing up to the Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Due to the design of Nizhoni, my travel blog (nizhoni meaning utter and complete beauty paired with freedom in Navajo, exactly the feeling I have when travelling through the Southwest), I tried out a new picture style by creating sepia-toned pictures. Normally not my cup of tea, it works very well with the design.

A view into downtown San Francisco, CA

Well, if you are able to understand German or have a good German-to-whatever-language translator, head over to to learn something new about the US!

The almost famous former gas station in Truckee, CA

And who knows, maybe we can travel again in the very near future.

Cabin fever? A cabin in Kings Canyon National Park, CA

(Panasonic Lumix FZ-2000)